When caring for the upkeep of your storefronts and/or exterior common areas, the need for commercial power washing services is a standard requirement. From shopping centers to office buildings and warehouses, the cleaning of various hard surface areas is needed with some frequency. Staining can originate from a numerous sources, such as, spilled drinks, gum, leaking waste receptacles, or just the natural build-up of dirt. Fortunately, our mobile, hot-water power washing crews work to easily resolve these conditions and keep your property looking its best. When performed by experienced technicians, power washing can work to resolve the following conditions:

  • Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Trash Corral Cleaning
  • Facade Cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Loading Dock Cleaning
  • Warehouse Interior Cleaning (Floors, Columns & Walls)
  • Common Area Amenities (Trash Cans, Benches and Street Signage)

In addition to Apollo Commercial Maintenance’s power washing crew’s years of experience, we invest in quality hot-water power washing equipment to insure we achieve best in class results and that we don’t compromise the target surface area(s). Plus, most stains can be removed without the use of any harsh chemicals. So your metal storefronts and landscaping won’t be at any risk of potential damage. Unless requested otherwise, Our services are performed during non-business, overnight or weekend hours so as to avoid any negative impact on your tenants too.

We provide essential maintenance to all customers!