A simple and affordable way to keep your parking lot pavement and parking garage areas looking their best is with parking lot striping services. Including this key component of your commercial property looking its brightest and best is an important step in your parking lot maintenance program.

More importantly, the parking stalls and directional markings on your parking lot pavement communicate important messages about safety to your tenants and their guests. Traffic paint is there to help insure vehicles flow in a specific manner aimed at maximizing efficiencies in your parking areas and keeping accidents to a minimum. Allowing your parking lot striping to fade significantly increases your odds of confusing drivers and increasing the risk of damage to someone’s vehicle. Additionally, markings such as cross-walks, painted curbing and stop bars, provide much needed protection for pedestrians as they walk on foot through these areas.

As part of our pavement solutions program, Apollo Commercial Maintenance performs the following:

  • Parking Lot Striping | Pavement Markings
  • Asphalt/Concrete Patching
  • Traffic Signage Install
  • Speed Control Device Install

We provide essential maintenance to all customers!