Nothing puts the final touches on your commercial property’s parking and common areas like thorough day portering services. From hand -picking debris out of areas that overnight sweeping equipment cannot access to changing out the liners of shared waste receptacles and window washing, day portering crews tackle a wide range of recurring services that contribute to the overall appeal and daily operations of your asset. Apollo Commercial Maintenance’s day portering crews care for hundreds of properties on an ongoing basis and are capable of providing best in class services to both the individual property investor, as well as, those will a larger, multi-site portfolio.

In addition to the daily cleaning tasks they perform, our portering crews report undesirable site conditions that may occur. If any unexpected issues exist, our crews document the matter and forward it onto to our management team. From there, we notify you and in most cases, offer the best way to resolve the problem. Typical site issues that we encounter include:

  • Graffiti
  • Fly Dumping
  • Building Damage
  • Damaged or Missing Parking Signage
  • Non-illuminating Site Lighting
  • Abandoned Vehicles

Our day portering program services and frequencies are all custom tailored to each commercial property’s type and overall site characteristics.

We provide essential maintenance to all customers!