If you have identified parking lot sweeping as a part of your property maintenance program, there is no better partner than Apollo Commercial Maintenance. We work with our clients to create exterior cleaning programs that maintain their parking lots and common areas to meet with their standard and budget guidelines. Reviewing each individual property and determining a viable solution to address the natural build-up of dirt, dust and other unsightly debris is essential to the value we bring to the table. Whether it be a shopping center, office complex or warehouse facility, each property has its own set of characteristics and variables to account for when suggesting services and frequencies.

Aside from the benefit of curbside appeal, parking lot sweeping seeks to prolong the useful life of your asphalt or concrete parking surface areas. Over time, materials like loose asphalt, gravel, sand and dirt will make its way onto your parking areas and can contribute to the deterioration of the underlying surface material, as well as, parking lot striping and seal coating applications. A sweeping program aimed at removing these abrasive materials is a worthwhile investment towards the care of your investment.

Apollo Commercial Maintenance uses only professional, industrial grade, vacuum truck sweepers to perform these services. We continue to invest in premium sweeper trucks and equipment to achieve best in class results. While each program is custom tailored to suit the specific needs of the property, our services are traditionally performed during overnight, non-business hours and our crews are typically tasked with the cleaning of the general parking areas, curbing, loading/receiving docks and trash corrals.

We provide essential maintenance to all customers!