Site Lighting

Performing routine maintenance on your exterior light fixtures is an absolute priority in the management of any commercial property. Properly maintained lighting creates an overall aesthetically pleasing environment for your building occupants and guests. The ability to highlight architectural elements and landscaping allows your property’s design to endure through the nighttime and further the value of the investment you’ve made. From parking lot pole lighting to wall packs and walkway lighting, your property’s lighting program’s upkeep is of the utmost importance.

Deferring maintenance will not only diminish the value of your property, but can also contribute to an unsafe environment. Well-lit areas foster a sense of protection and help to insure safe passage along your walkways by minimizing the risk for trip and fall accidents. Additionally, an investment in your exterior light fixtures will discourage those looking to do wrong. Apollo Commercial Maintenance can assist with the following:

  • Bulb/Ballast Replacement
  • Fixture Replacement/Installation
  • Parking Lot Pole Lighting
  • Sign Cabinet Lighting
  • Lens/Fixture Cleaning
  • Recurring Nighttime Performance Audits

We provide essential maintenance to all customers!