When establishing standards for the general maintenance and cleaning of your parking lot areas, you have to weigh your short term objectives with their long term impact. Most times, we meet with new clients and learn that their decision making is budget driven and the focus is solely on the curb appeal. Easy to understand, but not a good long term strategy.

Parking lot sweeping vacuum trucks not only resolve the removal of loose garbage, dirt and debris that naturally builds-up, but it also works to dispose of gravel, pieces of broken off asphalt and other materials that can compromise the useful life of your parking lot over time. When car tires drive over and/or turn on these harmful items, it creates friction and unnecessary wear on your pavement. Although it may take time and it’s inevitable, the cost of parking lot replacement is not and expense you want to occur earlier than needed. The minimal cost of parking sweeping seems like a very worthwhile investment to push your next repaving project out as long as possible.

For over 20 years, Apollo Commercial Maintenance has operated as a professional cleaning company serving the Greater Chicagoland area and NW Indiana. We service commercial properties ranging from shopping centers and office buildings to warehouse properties and downtown parking lots. We also have day portering crews, commercial handyman crews (general repair, painting, and concrete/asphalt) and power washing and parking lot striping teams. We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your property and its maintenance needs.