If you’re looking for a professional cleaning company to perform routine exterior cleaning services at your commercial property (shopping center, office building or warehouse), then you should call Apollo Commercial Maintenance. Apollo offers overnight, vacuum truck parking lot sweeping services and/or day portering crews to provide a comprehensive and flexible set of programs aimed at maintaining your curb appeal while working within your budget. Our crews tackle everything from removing loose trash/debris, replacing trash can liners, window washing, under canopy cleaning, and general care of your common area amenities (benches, waste receptacles and dumpster enclosures). Our areas of focus range from your parking lot or garage, loading/receiving areas and common area elements, such as walkways, sitting areas and other shared access elements. If you own or manage an investment property, Apollo would welcome the opportunity to learn about how we can work with you to create a value focused recurring cleaning and maintenance program that meets your budget guidelines and exceeds your expectations.