When our company first formed almost 20 years ago, most of our clients opted for overnight parking lot sweeping on a high frequency or daily basis. It provided great results and insured against the build-up of trash, debris and other unwanted items. However, there were still common area maintenance issues that needed to be addressed that our overnight crews could not resolve. From handpicking areas where the sweeper trucks couldn’t access to the emptying of waste receptacles, fly dumping and cleaning of cobweb from under canopies, additional exterior cleaning services were necessary. So, Apollo Commercial Maintenance’s day portering programs were introduced and provided an extra layer of benefit and value to our commercial property owners and managers.

Fast forward to 2019 and the industry’s appreciation of an affordable day portering company is stronger than ever. In addition to performing a wide variety of both recurring and reactive cleaning services aimed at maintain your shopping center, office building or warehouse common areas, we also provide site audits and field reporting of issues to further demonstrate our commitment to helping make life easier for you.

So while there is no disputing the value of parking lot sweeping, a truly comprehensive exterior building maintenance program would create a complimentary day portering plan as well. If you own or manage a commercial property in the Greater Chicagoland area or NW Indiana and would like to discuss how best to meet your goals, please call us today.