The recent shift in weather is very likely to cause defects in your asphalt parking lots and drive lanes in the form of potholes. Areas of your commercial property that were already showing signs of wear and tear are likely to give way to potholes. Even proactive shopping center, office building and parking garage property managers/owners are vulnerable to this critical issue. Areas of cracked or compromised pavement give way to moisture as the snow and ice melts, providing it with the opportunity to penetrate beneath the surface. Once the cold temperatures return, freezing will temperatures will cause your asphalt to crumble at a rapid rate and eventually separate. Once this happens, an opportunity for damage to your tenant’s and/or customer’s vehicles is all too real.

Additionally, these same circumstances can take place on your storefront sidewalks and or concrete walkways. Anywhere moisture can find a crack or defect and get under a solid surface area is at risk. Walkways present a concern too since they can block a door from opening or create a trip and fall hazard.

Apollo Commercial Maintenance is prepared to assist you with your parking lot and sidewalk safeguarding issues. Our facility repair crews are out in full force and able to respond to your needs. So if you notice a pothole or heaved sidewalk at your commercial property, don’t put it off and call us today. At minimal, a temporary patch or grind will help get you through to springtime when a more permanent repair can be implemented.

Keep your eyes open and drive safe!